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with love from Germany


My dad went to Germany a few weeks ago for a work trip (jealous? can I say jealous!?!) - and he wanted to know if I'd like anything for him to bring back for me.

Of course, I said, "Yeah, the whole European aura, please." :-) I do love Europe.

But I settled for chocolate and my favorite spice.

{milk chocolate, marzipan chocolate and chocolate with raisins and hazelnuts}

{a favorite spice that I can't find here!}

"Tomaten" is what you think = tomatoes. It's wonderful sprinkled on just about anything, but especially toasted bread with nice cheese. Mmm.

Dad, you did great!! Exactly what I wanted. Thank you. :-)

Int'l Earring Collection


I've been trying to come up with different posts - just to get some variety in the blog ... and just to have fun!

I realized that I've never documented my international earring collection before. In my travels, my goal was to get a pair of earrings from every country I've been. I haven't even made it close to my goal (and half of the ones I do have are from other people!), but it's still fun to think about and do.




South Africa

Sri Lanka



Funny that they are all drop or dangly earrings, but I guess I know what I like, huh?

Countries missing earrings: Mexico, Canada, Bahamas, Switzerland, Scotland, Austria, India (I lost those - boo), Spain, France, Lichtenstein, England and Italy. Not very impressive right? I guess I'll just have to travel to those places again. *sigh*

I almost got a gorgeous pair in the Czech Republic, but their currency was intimidating and we were there for only a few hours. How disappointing!


Traveling with a toddler


Tips on traveling with a toddler.

#1 - If it's a long trip, take breaks so said toddler can move around.  We stopped a little less than half-way to visit good friends in St. Louis on the way to Nashville. We stayed the afternoon and the night and left early the next morning. This was lifesaver. I hate doing long trips in one day. Especially now that Ladybug is so mobile, it's so difficult for her not to be moving!!

(Ella is the giggliest baby I've ever met! She's is so sweet and laughs and giggles at just about everything. Adorable. Here she and the girl are playing a duet on the piano. Ladybug looooved the piano.)

#2 - Take lots of yummy snacks (and toys and books). We made it to St. Louis with a few cat naps, lots of cheerios and Annie's bunnies and book after book after book. I even "read" some books from memory from the front seat. Ha. A friend let me borrow some interactive toys and they were also a lifesaver when the whines came out.

#3 - If at all possible, take someone along with you. Grandparents preferably. We met up with my parents after spending the night in St. Louis and my mom fed/played with/entertained Ladybug the whole way to Nashville.

Dad drove.

And I sat in the front seat and relaxed.

 Ha! Maybe not the travel tips you expected, but some that worked for me this trip!! Any must-have tips you can share with me? We have more road trips coming up this summer! Please share!

Graduation Festivities


It felt like a whirlwind trip last weekend. It really wasn't, but with graduation activities thrown into the mix, there was a lot to do!

Jenn and Shawn have just moved into their new home, are expecting a baby boy in August, and have lots to do to get ready. Graduating was just one of them.

Actually, it was a huge accomplishment. Congrats, sister!!

Here are a few pictures from the special ceremonies.

We spotted Jenn right away and tried numerous ways of taking her picture in the crowd while we waited to cheer her across the stage (acoustics were bad, mildly put.)  Most of our attempts were in vain.

Ladybug did exceptionally great despite cramped gym balcony bleacher conditions, lots of sweaty people (including us) and boring graduation speakers. Grammi kept her loaded with distractions, food and lots of clapping.

Here's the graduate walking across the stage!! Hip, hip, hooray!

And posing outside for some pretty pictures.

Yaaay for graduating!!

(And, the obliging sister pic.)

Love you Jenn! So glad we could be there to celebrate this HUGE moment in your life. I'm so proud of you!!