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a fun DIY - canning jar soap dispenser


here's a project on my DIY to-do list:

This is a knock-off version tutorial (click the picture's source for tutorial) but Post Road Vintage is the source I trace it back to. Lovely shop! And I'm totally knocking it off too.

Here's my jar in waiting:

I prefer PRV's stainless steel pumps, but since I'm going as cheap as possible, I have to wait for one. Once my big bottle of baby shampoo runs out I'm making this - but that could take another whole year! It's the only bottle I have that has a straw long enough for the quart size canning jars. And ... the pump is yellow. Think I could spray paint it silver? Would that even work?

On another note, I think clear soap looks best so I gotta hop a ride to Costco for a huge bottle of their environmentally friendly clear dishsoap. Wish me luck!

I'll update you ... oh, in about a year. :-)

What DIYs do you love or have you been working on?! Link up in the comments! I love DIY projects!