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Finished nursery linens (Asa's room)


Remember me talking about the nursery linens this summer? They are finally finished and being featured. Yay!

Before our family vacation, I made a couple of sheets, the crib skirt, and the curtain. (I love naptime.) But add a bumper, pillows and a quilt and an amateur seamstress?? I definitely was in over my head.

So along came my mom and my amazing, soon-to-be SIL, Erin, and they helped save the day. My mom pulled together the bumper and rocking chair pad and Erin and I whipped out the quilt top J&S designed. ("Whipped out" is by no means attributed to the amount of time it took - it was a LOT of work!) Then my mom also finished that off.

Family effort, right?

Don't forget the owl! Jenn says it makes a great back pillow. Hehe.

We pulled together a few re-covered, thrifted pillows in coordinating patterns and colors. Everyone's favorite is the minky, but I love the long yellow one too!

 Look at those cute owls!

Isn't chevron the best?!

And that's that! I won't be taking on a nursery linens project for a long while, but that sweet little guy was totally worth it, dontcha think?

Gray and yellow girl version coming up on Monday!

Asa's nursery fixin's (sneak peek)


Remember my inspiration post for little Asa's nursery linens?

I'll do a full nursery guest post after everything is finished in August, but for now, here's a sneak peek at the skirt and one sheet so far! The yellow is more golden, but it's bright and so fun.

The curtain is also finished - it's basically a replica of the tailored skirt. 

We'll be working on the bumper and pillows next week when there will be four family seamstresses (using that term lightly, at least for myself) together to get the rest done.

His crib looks a little lonely without it - don't you think?  Time to dress it up!

(Can't wait for this little guy to arrive!)

an OWL nursery


My soon-to-be nephew, Asa, is coming in August and I've offered to help with the nursery fixin's!

J & S have decided on a yellow/gray nursery theme with owl accents. Here is their inspiration photo. Lovely, huh? I heart these colors together!!!


Before I knew the nursery or gender details, I did know about the owls, so I have been collecting DIY owl ideas as I came across them. So much fun! Once they found out it was a boy and that the colors were yellow and gray, I decided to make a little owl lovey for Asa.

Here's the tutorial from Make it and Love it. Hers is more plush, but I used mostly felt because I was on a budget. And it's still soft and sweet.

I found a remnant of yellow felt at JoAnns - 50% off. Score! So I used that for the main body pieces (because the squares you can buy are too small). At Hobby Lobby I picked up a 25 cent sheet of gray for the wings and orange for the beak/feet. The green came from the scrap bag.

The directions were fairly easy to follow and I stuffed him full of batting leftover from my headboard project. It was flat batting and even though I tore it into manageable pieces - I still thought he was a little lumpy. Not too bad though. Gotta use what you have!

What a loveable lovey. I can't wait for Asa to pose with him!! :-)

Finally, I'm waist deep in nursery sewing projects. Instead of sewing for the nursery over the trip, I actually sewed for Jenn (a shortened a gown and sewed in curtain linings) and brought home the chevron nursery fabric instead. It's probably for the best, so I can just take my time and not feel rushed to finish in 4 days. We're making the crib sheets, skirts and bumper all based on the inspiration photo below.


We're also sewing pillows and curtains. I'm finished with one sheet (thanks to MADE) and just beginning the crib skirt. Lots more sewing to do!

When the nursery sewing projects are more complete, I'll update my progress in pictures and then feature the whole nursery later this summer.

I'm psyched. Totally.