Sorry for the radio silence. April/May has been full ...

"what?! I have a blog?"

"Oh yeah."


I have been working on a few projects and am half-way with most of them, but I decided that I could solicit your advice and post a mid-way then final reveal. So, more on that next week.


We celebrated graduation 10 days ago. Wahooo!!!

A couple of highlights:

1) Both sets of parents were in town to celebrate graduation (!)
2) I got a little break from parenting while grandparents enjoyed the girl (and she slept really well).
3) Jeremy is done with school!!!

A couple of lows:

1) I had to catch a ride to H&M down the street for a cheap pair of shoes halfway through graduation Sunday because the heels I tried to wear were killing my feet. KILLING. *fail*
2) There was a little bit too much eating + sitting + eating + more sitting for my taste.

Regardless, I am so proud of my husband!! (And, to be honest, us as a family.) After 5 years of plodding methodically through grad school, paying our way as we went, through a difficult pregnancy, financial stressors, job loss and lots of other little things, we are through!! He worked extremely hard for his magna cum laude status and his hood is now proof of his degree and determination.

We are currently breathing sighs of relief and enjoying the thought of being able to spend time together watching movies, playing games, hanging out with friends, going on bike rides, and spontaneously doing whatever else we feel like because there is no homework hanging over his (our?) head. We all feel a little lighter.


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