TRASH fash!


I'm starting a new trend that I'm sure it'll catch on ... TRASH FASHION!

Yes, thank you very much, I will wear that amazing blue dress from the 50s that fits if you set it out by the road when we are drive-by junking (see here). Oh, and that other one? Yes, please! 

I never complain about free. You can see (on the left) that this dress is shorter than my petticoat. It doesn't look terrible, but I'm not sure if I love the show-your-petticoat look. So I'm contemplating either cutting the petticoat or lengthening the hem of the dress - it's been hemmed by hand a good 3-4". But I'm afraid that the hemmed crease may be permanent and look funny once I take it out. What do you think??

It also looks fine without the petticoat (see below), although it is quite thin! Does anyone even own a slip anymore? Moreover, does anyone even know what they are for??

The other dress may be early 60s (see this juniors' pattern I have HERE) but either way, it's fun and unlike any dress I have.

Oh, and did I mention they were FREE!? Would you wear something you dug out of a trashpile?


  1. Anonymous12:12 PM

    These styles look awesome on you, Lisa! What fun finds! Annette

  2. What if you add some lace to the bottom? Or a piece of white satin? I think it's nice without the petticoat. I own a slip for some of my thin skirts, just so you know.

  3. Anonymous3:26 AM

    These are amazing, but the blue one is STUNNING! They do not look like trash at all. I agree that it looks good without the petticoat, but if you adjusted something, I would adjust the petticoat (if it didn't change the look when used with other, longer, dresses).

  4. This blue one is so darling! I can't believe you could get it for free. J.