with love from Germany


My dad went to Germany a few weeks ago for a work trip (jealous? can I say jealous!?!) - and he wanted to know if I'd like anything for him to bring back for me.

Of course, I said, "Yeah, the whole European aura, please." :-) I do love Europe.

But I settled for chocolate and my favorite spice.

{milk chocolate, marzipan chocolate and chocolate with raisins and hazelnuts}

{a favorite spice that I can't find here!}

"Tomaten" is what you think = tomatoes. It's wonderful sprinkled on just about anything, but especially toasted bread with nice cheese. Mmm.

Dad, you did great!! Exactly what I wanted. Thank you. :-)

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  1. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Awesome! I grew to love Milka chocolates when I was in Europe for a short time. Looks like I need to expand my selection the next time! :) Annette