a little family photo display


I'm not one for gobs of family photos all over - I've had our wedding photos hung above my crafting desk since we moved in 4 years ago. After taking our family pictures, we printed some off and they've been sitting on aforementioned craft desk waiting for thrifted frames (seems like you can ALWAYS find them).

In the meantime, I've continued my declutter (redecorate?) project and came across several other frames to use - talk about being able to what you already had! Woot! With the wait to thrift now over, I hung the pictures in our stairwell - not a prominent place, but one we can appreciate and enjoy.

Plus, we just needed something different. (Excuse the half lit stairwell, this really is all the light we enjoy in this little space!)

For the final touch, I snagged the vintage sale "S" from my shelf and nailed it at the top for a perfect vintage/monogrammed touch.

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  1. i think it looks great!! hope your feeling better. love to all. <3