a 2 year old (!)


Gracious it's been busy around here! Boo.

I wanted to get a little 2 year update up before November passes us by.

My baby is 2!!

Recap on the last two birthdays ... newborn and cueball age 1.

Now look at her! Phew!

Height: 32-1/2" (25%), Weight: 24 lbs (40%), and wears mostly 18 mo clothing still. Size 3 diapers during the day and size 4 at night. She's little!

Ladybug loves anything technological. Especially keyboards and phones. Or anything that might possibly resemble a phone like a remote control or kitchen gadget. You name it, she's "talked" on it.

She got a new cousin this year!! Aren't they sweet together?

Her eating hasn't changed too much except to become slightly pickier and wanting candy every second of the day.

"What would you like to eat?"

"Um, num nums."

"We don't eat candy in the morning. What else would you like to eat...?" And so it goes.

Eating of kale chips pictured below.

Our girl is also perfecting the 2 year old tantrum.

She can go from this .....                        to this .....

in about 2 seconds flat.

We have episodes almost every day and we are both learning how to deal with the frustration it brings. Not fun! But this too shall pass, right? (Right?!?)

Ladybug also loves to get dressed. And undressed. And puts lots and lots of shoes on. And off. And on again.

She's also getting into sitting on the potty. We've had a little bit of success but mostly she's not quite ready yet. Slowly working on it!

But mostly, this girl surprises us every day.

This particular day she ate her 'nacks in the laundry basket for about a half hour while I cooked. Praise be!

And she is imitating us like crazy.

... And revealing the not so good things we say. For example,

Mommy: "Ehhh! Jackson, you stupid dog!"

Ladybug: " 'tupid dog, 'tupid dog, 'tupid dog!"

Mommy: "Ehhh! No, we don't say 'stupid'." (Inside my head, "I can't say stupid anymore!")

Her words are flying a mile a minute and she's putting more and more words and phrases together. New words like - silly, Uncle Ryan, shower, food, stop it, trash, etc. Oh what joy she surprises us with.

I was talking with a friend, lamenting the fact that now she's growing too fast and I need to enjoy this because she'll never talk like she does now (or if she does it won't nearly be as cute!) and she encouraged me by saying that it will change but the stuff they say will keep you rolling! It's just as cute, just in a different way.

That made me feel better.

Sweet girl, happy birthday! What joy you bring us. You are simply a blessing.

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