And some other random crafts (while I've been in the mood!)


When going through my new vintage patterns the other day, I came across one with a sturdy piece of 70s graphic material in it. Awesome! It was a small rectangle and I thought about making it into some kind of stretch belt with elastic, but then I decided to try out a headband.

I kept all of the fabric if I want to change it up later, but for now, here she is! I cut an old elastic headband to connect the ends and it's perfect! I've always had a slight problem with headbands - every since I was a little girl, wearing then gave me headaches. So, I haven't worn them!

This time I made it very, very loose - but snug enough to stay on my head and it worked! Hooray!

And I've also been waiting and waiting and waiting for my oatmeal container to run out - Ladybug used to eat oatmeal every day but we've changed things up a bit for breakfasts (which I'm sure she's happy about!) and our oatmeal supplies no longer deplete like they used to.

Anyway, Valerie had a great idea for a plastic bag holder and I wanted to try my hand at it for her diaper trash.

I took a piece of striped wrapping paper, cut it to size and glued it on.

Then I took a star stencil and traced a pattern in the top and cut it out with scissors. Easy peasy!

What crafty things have you been up to lately?

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  1. Why didn't you model your headband?
    AH! I'm famous now.
    Lovely oatmeal can, good job.