Garden 2012: Update 3


My garden has grown since last time I mentioned it!

I've added some pretty pansies in all of their purple velvety goodness. A can is a great planter in a pinch, of course. They'd been out of water for almost a week and I didn't have time to thrift a planter, so I dug around in my recycling, drilled a hole in the bottom and there you have it!


I have a different variety in my planter basket. So pretty, but fading away. I think the direct sun is too much.

Adding some green to the other side of the "yard" with some hosta. The sorry looking ones on the left should look a bit better in the next few years. (I hope!) And, did you know that if slugs start eating your hosta, you can just "plant" a pie plate of beer next to them and they'll drown in it?! Awesome. Now I just need to find me some beer. And some slugs.

Sweet corn!

My beans are so big already - June hasn't even started!

My first pea blossom.

And finally a tomato turning red!

Having any luck in your gardens? Flowers? Herbs? Tell me about it! I'd love to hear.

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  1. my herb garden is doing pretty well. All except the lavender-- which went crazy when I first put it in then just as suddenly dried up and died last week, but everything else is thriving. :)