Conquering my fear...


... of sewing knits.

(yikes, had to use the flash. sorry!)

Ladybug has a yellow and black little dress from Target that I got for a quarter last fall at a garage sale.

Usually she wears it with black leggings but it's just been too hot. And I can't have this adorable thing just sitting around getting too small!! So I decided she needed some bloomers. Unfortunately all of her others are pink. Yeah, pink's so not working with this dress.

So I cut up an old black t-shirt of mine and using Dana's pattern, I sewed up a pair of black bloomers for the girl. They weren't perfect and I still have questions about sewing with knits, but I did it!!

Woo hoo!


  1. Good job! Put her cute little bottom in those things and show them off!

  2. Great job! I curbed my fear of knits when I discovered the double needle. Seriously, get one. No more difficult than sewing with a single needle, creates a stretch and professional looking finished seam. I love it!