Sentence journal - DIY finished!


Update: Still using it 4 years later!

So even though I didn't pin it on Pinterest, this idea did come from there via someone else. Too bad I don't have the link. (I'm still not so into Pinterest, although maybe I should be? I still have yet to decide ... although I do hop on there every once in awhile and pin my shop clothes. Shameless, I tell ya.) Anyway, it wasn't my idea. :-)

A sentence a day journal. Totally do-able with a tiny girl.

You write the year by your sentence and after a few years, you really can see the funny, mundane, or important things that have happened ... in such a simple way.

The only blank index cards the store had were 4x6 which made it hard to find the right size holder for all 366 of them (leap day, remember?). After scouring Hobby Lobby twice, I found this in the planter section - it's wooden and oh so shabby and perfect!

I filled up my 366 cards and decided I needed some month dividers. What could I use?

I went through my old piano music and had forgotten I had some really old stuff that I never would play, so I used it!

I trimmed some old, useless cardboard dividers that come in the cheap photo boxes I get to hold cards and crafty stuff (again from HL) to fit and picked up some mod podge. I'm not a huge decoupage-r but since these looked old already, I thought the wavy look was okay.

I picked out 12 different colors of cardstock to stamp the month name on and decoupaged those in the corner.

So cute, if I might say so myself.

And, the finished product, now sitting on our cedar chest, waiting to be filled by the next 10 years.

(Woot for actually finishing a project!)

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